Wyld 7—also known as Vincent Prisciandaro—is a 20-year-old Central Florida resident. This artist works harder than rappers twice his age by writing all of his own music, recording two to three times a week to stay consistent, being in every mix and mastering session, and making sure his songs always give the exact image he wants. Along with staying on top of social media and putting in physical distributing (which is hard to get any artist to do nowadays), Wyld 7 is a natural-born hustler and businessman.

Growing up fast was not an option for this Florida native, but his only choice. With all his family in New York, the only people he could go to or rely on were his brother and himself. Unlike many young people his age, he found music to be an outlet and a way to stay out of trouble. Music became his world, so he spent most of his time writing and recording, which was a great alternative to running the streets and getting into trouble. Wyld 7 started out as a ghost writer and a local battle rapper just for fun with schoolmates and random people he came across who wanted to challenge him, which in turn earned him the credit he rightfully deserved for being a prolific lyricist and songwriter who has his own unique style. Wyld 7’s music is a reflection of his life experience, good and bad. Besides making great tracks, he can also do great freestyles; fans refer to it as the poetry and real Rap/Hip Hop that the music game has been missing.

This MC is a fan favorite with many DJs, who have featured him on their mixtapes like Industries Most Wanted YNT edition hosted by ( Hot Boy Turk ), Grind 2 Glory, Street Logic 6, Strate Drop, Who Got Now mixtape with the President of 730 Dipset DJs, and Street Heat Vol.8. Wyld 7 has also had his music featured on many radio stations including AirItOut Radio, The Vantage Point, Dessert Storm Radio hosted by TampaMystic, The Crowd Pleaser, Royal Thieves Radio, BlakOut Radio, Connected Radio 215, and many more. With multiple interviews on The Vantage Point, AirItOut Radio, Royal Thieves Radio, The Crowd Pleaser, BlakOut Radio, and more, he has become one of the radio hosts’ favorite artists to interview.

Wyld 7 has been featured on different blogs and websites as well, such as JackThriller.com, Teambiggarankin, Talkofthestreets, DaWaveLife, Coredjradio, Bay Girl In NYC where Jessie Marie who also did a very detailed review on Wyld 7 new EP along with many more blog sites. Hard copies of this MC's new EP 7s Are Wyld still are getting distributed not only in the U.S. throughout the states of Florida, California, North and South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee, but also overseas and across borders including Canada, England, South Africa, and the Philippines—and that's just for starters.

With an already-loyal fan base embracing his music, even more people are being drawn to Wyld 7 and inquiring more about him. At the age of 20, Wyld 7’s greatest accomplishment is the resilience he has developed to accomplish anything he sets his mind to do, turning losses into future wins. Wyld 7 is an outstanding Rap/Hip Hop artist who represents the voice of his generation everywhere and is endorsed and embraced by global business and urban communities as a role model who shows others that life is what you make of it. The sky is the limit, so never give up and always keep pushing towards your dreams and goals, reaching for success regardless of the many obstacles that you face. Remember to always be yourself!

Check out his #WyldWednesday tracks via YouTube which are posted on any given Wednesday—he takes top tracks, new or old, and puts his own Wyld twist on them along with some originals. Most importantly, go get yourself a copy of Wyld 7's new solo project 7s Are Wyld which is buzzing all over the streets and social media RIGHT NOW!!! Along with his new single Mad Max off 7s Are Wyld and newly released music video I Feel Like Eminem which you can find on his official website www.Wyld7.com.


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